The Four Responsibilities in Practice

This scenario challenges you to apply your professional expertise as you undertake four meetings that take place on one day in the life of a typical learning professional. As each meeting progresses, you will be asked to make decisions on how you would respond to the various situations that arise. At the end of the scenario you will be presented with a scorecard which assesses your decisions against 20 aspects of being a learning professional.

You can attempt the scenario as often as you want and no scores are recorded anywhere. So, feel free to just experiment with different answers if you like. Alternatively, you could challenge yourself to find what you think would be the most professional responses or, as a third option, answer as honestly as you can on the basis of the way you would typically handle these sorts of situations in real life.

You have the option to receive feedback on each response you make as you go. If you are attempting the scenario on a second or subsequent occasion, you are likely to find this particularly useful.


Have fun!

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